We reached 100k downloads in June!!!


Thanks to all CIs build that made this possible :)

As we were able to ship v1.17 late in May, we only shipped a tiny v1.17.2 version in June.

What’s next

We’re now working on v1.18. Doing evaluations with one trip and OOPIF will be some the cool features you will see on v1.18.

I want to prepare some examples using Azure Functions. We have many questions related to Puppeteer in Azure. So I think this will be valued by the community.

I’m still working on this. I hope I have more time this month to make some progress.


  • Repository Stars: 724 (prev. 677) +87
  • Repository Forks: 113 (prev. 108) +5%
  • Nuget downloads: 115,801 (prev. 99,564) +16%


No contributors this month.


Final Words

As I mentioned in previous posts, the more hands we have in this project, the easier for us to help you out with issues and improvements.

I’m looking forward to getting more feedback. Having real-world feedback helps us a lot. The issues tab in GitHub is open for all of you to share your ideas and thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter @hardkoded.

Don’t stop coding!

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