We didn’t get a (Google’s) Puppeteer release last month, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t make good progress on Puppeteer-Sharp.

We were working a lot on tech debt. We tried to make our builds more reliable. Many builds tend to fail due to timeouts or race conditions, so we worked in many of them. We also went through many async recommendations made by David Fowler. If you didn’t read that post, go check that out!

So after all this cleanup, we were able to ship two small releases: v1.11.1 and v1.11.2

What’s next

Google did release Puppeteer v1.12 a few days ago. So we are working on this version right now.

Another issue that is driving me crazy is UnobservedTaskExceptions. Brian Feucht found out that tons of UnobservedTaskExceptions are being logged. Though there are not many user tracking that I think that’s something we do need to work on.


  • Repository Stars: 440 (prev. 383) +15%
  • Repository Forks: 75 (prev. 67) +12%
  • Nuget downloads: 41,418 (prev. 32,278) +28%


Henk Mollema pushed two PRs, fixing documentation and DevTools property.

Final Words

I’m looking forward to getting more feedback. Having real-world feedback helps us a lot. The issues tab in GitHub is open for all of you to share your ideas and thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter @hardkoded.

Don’t stop coding!

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