September is gone but it left us 3 new versions: v1.6, v1.6.2 and v1.7. It left us only 1 version behind Puppeteer!

What’s next

During the first week of October, we were able to deliver v1.8 one of the most important releases we ever had. Not because of the features we delivered but because we caught Puppeteer!


But they released v1.9 the next day.


We are almost there. We have planned v1.9, and I think we can deliver it in a week or so.

Once we catch Puppeteer, again, we will have more time to implement Docker examples and test Linux support.


  • Google Puppeteer’s test: 493
  • Puppeteer Sharp’s tests: 482 (prev. 436)


  • Repository Stars: 255 (prev. 194) +31%
  • Repository Forks: 45 (prev. 41) +9%
  • Nuget downloads: 15981 (prev. 10436) +53%


Meir Blachman did a great job reviewing all our pull request and also giving support to our users.

Gerke Geurts did a great job improving directory cleanup, implementing custom WebSocket clients and improving our process manager.

Ahmet Salih helped us exposing Client.SendAsync as a public method.

Final Words

Now that we (almost) catch Puppeteer, I wonder whether this monthly report will still be useful or not in the future. However, I think it’s an excellent place to thank the contributors who stepped in and also the users who join this community.

I’m looking forward to getting more feedback. The issues tab in GitHub is open for all of you to share your ideas and thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter @hardkoded.

Don’t stop coding!

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