We shipped v1.18 in July. If you are using EvaluateOnNewDocumentAsync, please take a look at that version because we had a breaking change there.

We also shipped v1.19, but that will be on the September report :p.

Too fast


I wrote a post about running Puppeteer-Sharp on Docker. I think this is going to be super helpful. But there is more.
I also published another post about pushing that image to Docker Hub. So now we have puppeteer-sharp-base on Docker for you to test. I would really love to have some feedback there.

What’s next

I bet v1.20 is around the corner. So we will work on that.
On the other hand, I wasn’t able to get Puppeteer-Sharp working on Azure Functions, but I will see if that new recipe I got will help me make some progress there.


  • Repository Stars: 793 (prev. 724) +9%
  • Repository Forks: 127 (prev. 113) +12%
  • Nuget downloads: 139,740 (prev. 115,801) +20%



Final Words

As I mentioned in previous posts, the more hands we have in this project, the easier for us to help you out with issues and improvements.

I’m looking forward to getting more feedback. Having real-world feedback helps us a lot. The issues tab in GitHub is open for all of you to share your ideas and thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter @hardkoded.

Don’t stop coding!

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