Playwright Sharp

Playwright Sharp Monthly Report - December 2020

Wait, What happened with the November report? Well, well, November was a fun month. But here we are in the December report. Let’s get started! Important Notice. As you might know, Playwright sharp is now part of the Microsoft family. So you should read these reports as unofficial reports. I... [Read More]

Playwright Sharp Monthly Report - October 2020

We accomplish two big milestones in September. Microsoft adopted Playwright Sharp and now is part of the Playwright family. We shipped v0.142.0, which is the first version having full feature match with Playwright! No v1 yet? We decided to leave PlaywrightSharp in v0, so we can give you the chance... [Read More]

Playwright Sharp joins the Microsoft family

It is my pleasure to announce that today Microsoft forked Playwright Sharp! Wait, did you give the project away? No, I didn’t. Because it was never mine. It’s our project Playwright Sharp uses the MIT License. That means that Playwright Sharp is mine, and it’s also yours, and it’s also... [Read More]

Playwright Sharp Monthly Report - July 2020

As promised last month, We shipped PlaywrightSharp.Firefox v0.10! You can read more about this version on my previous post. Playwright-Sharp as a Playwright client? We are working with the Playwright team on a Playwright RPC Server. This Playwright server would package a (Node.JS) playwright instance, exposing its functionality through pipes.... [Read More]

PlaywrightSharp v0.10 for Firefox is here!

Firefox joined to the PlaywrightSharp family! What can I do with PlaywrightSharp.Firefox? You can do lots of things. Seriously! You should be able to do almost everything you would do with his older brother PuppeteerSharp or his younger brother PlaywrightSharp.Chromium. This is how you can take a screenshot in PlaywrightSharp... [Read More]

Playwright Sharp Monthly Report - June 2020 - PlaywrightSharp v0.10 is here!

As promised last month, We have PlaywrightSharp.Chromium v0.10!!! It’s PlaywrightSharp.Chromium 0.10.3 to be accurate. Following the style of many .NET libraries, PlaywrightSharp will deliver four NuGet packages: PlaywrightSharp.Abstractions: You will need this package if you want to make a browser-agnostic library. In other words, Playwright-Sharp extensions. We shipped v0.10.3 of... [Read More]

Playwright Sharp Monthly Report - March 2020

Monthly reports are back! As I mentioned in my previous post, 2020 will be about Playwright! The plan We have a clear plan: Target version Our focus is on v0.10.0, which is not the latest version, but it was when we started working on Puppeteer-Sharp. We can’t implement Playwright-Sharp looking... [Read More]