The score on v0.10.0 is: 89 issues done, 3 in progress, and 88 to do. Halfway!

We only have 22 tests left on the Chromium side, so I hope we can ship v0.10.0 for Chromium by the end of May.


We also have only 24 tests left on Firefox, so who knows…. maybe.


  • Playwright’s tests: 1081
  • Playwright Sharp’s tests coded: 820
    • Passing on Chromium: 484
    • Passing on Webkit: 0
    • Passing on Firefox: 354


  • Repository Stars: 62 (prev 34) +82%
  • Repository Forks: 0 (prev 5) +0%
  • Nuget downloads: 0
  • Contributors: 3


I need you

Maybe we don’t have the time to jump in and put some hours on this project. That’s ok. But if you are interested in this project, there are two things you can do:

Star the project. That’s free, and it will give me an idea of the interest in this project.

Financial support. I’m doing this for free because I love this project, and I want to give back to the community. But financial funding it’s an excellent way to honor my work if any of my projects are making your business possible. So if you are willing to support my projects, you can visit my sponsors page.

Final words

I hope I can ship some version in May so you can download it and play a little bit. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @hardkoded to get more updates.

Don’t stop coding!

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