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Puppeteer-Sharp 2023 Recap

It has been a while since I wrote those Puppeteer-Sharp blog posts (maybe it’s time to do it again?). However, I thought it would be nice to recap all the progress made in 2023. It can be quite challenging to keep Puppeteer-Sharp up-to-date. On one side I was implementing great... [Read More]

Puppeteer-Sharp 3 is here!

I’m so excited to announce that, after eight months, Puppeteer-Sharp 3 is here! Getting Puppeteer-Sharp 3 out was quite a challenge. The lack of sponsors on Puppeteer-Sharp and the strong support of Microsoft on Playwright-Sharp made me put all my efforts on Playwright-Sharp in the past few months. But while... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp Monthly Report - August 2019

We shipped v1.18 in July. If you are using EvaluateOnNewDocumentAsync, please take a look at that version because we had a breaking change there. We also shipped v1.19, but that will be on the September report :p. Docker I wrote a post about running Puppeteer-Sharp on Docker. I think this... [Read More]

Running Puppeteer-Sharp on Docker

I get many questions about running Puppeteer-Sharp on Docker. Let’s see if we can get a: Let’s take a look at the example provided by Puppeteer and see what we need to change there to make it work. FROM node:10-slim # Install latest chrome dev package and fonts to support... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp Monthly Report - June 2019

May was a month full of releases. We shipped v1.15, v1.16, v1.17 and a small v1.17.1. Ok, this was really short. Let me compensate that with a puppeteer gif. What’s next I want to prepare some examples using Azure Functions. We have a lot of questions related to Puppeteer in... [Read More]

Automating Microsoft Edge with Puppeteer-Sharp

As you may have heard, Microsoft made available to the public its Chromium-powered Edge browser. Maybe this question won’t qualify as technical interview question but: If Puppeteer-Sharp automates Chromium, and Microsoft Edge (insider) is powered by chromium, that would mean that… When you call Puppeteer.LaunchAsync, one of the values you... [Read More]

Getting ready for Puppeteer-Sharp Firefox

You might not know, but Puppeteer’s team is making good progress on a Puppeteer version for Firefox. That’s a big deal. If we have trouble sometimes trying to get a site look the same in all browsers, imagine trying to use the same debugging protocol. They even had to fork... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp Monthly Report - March 2019

We were able to ship v1.12 in February, ok it was in March, but let me count this as February :p Puppeteer v1.12 included quite an interesting refactor, introducing Worlds. This took us some time to adapt our code to that new implementation. What’s next I bet Puppeteer v1.13 is... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp Monthly Report - February 2019

We didn’t get a (Google’s) Puppeteer release last month, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t make good progress on Puppeteer-Sharp. We were working a lot on tech debt. We tried to make our builds more reliable. Many builds tend to fail due to timeouts or race conditions, so we... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp Monthly Report - January 2019

Happy new year Puppeteerers! (Is that even a word?) We launched v1.11 during December. The most important feature on v1.11 was drum rolls LINUX SUPPORT! I want to thank Dominic Böttger who setup our Linux CI and made some tweaks to make Puppeteer-Sharp work in Linux. We also worked a... [Read More]

Happy Birthday Puppeteer Sharp!

One year ago today I pushed my first commit to the Puppeteer-Sharp repo. As most “first commits” it was a small commit, adding the readme and the gitignore, but that commit marked the beginning of a year full of learned lessons. What did we accomplish so far? 18 releases 237... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp Monthly Report - July 2018

The World Cup is here, but it didn’t stop is from releasing v1.1 in June! v1.1 is the first version created from a diff between two puppeteer versions: v1.0 and v1.1. This brought about some challenges, but let’s talk about features first. New Features The Downloader class has been improved... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp v0.7 Released!

We are shipping Puppeteer Sharp v0.7 with many cool new features: Element selectors and evaluation over elements. But our big challenge on v0.7 was one of the hard things in computer science: Naming Things. Puppeteer has these 5 cool functions: $(selector): It calls document.querySelector and returns an ElementHandle. $$(selector): It... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp Monthly Report - May 2018

April was a great month for Puppeteer Sharp. We launched v0.4, which is huge! But not only that, we’ve got two more contributors. That means that I had to spend more time getting the issues and milestones ready for them as well as doing more code review. I wouldn’t have... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp v0.4 is here and it's huge!

I’m so excited to announce that Puppetter Sharp v0.4 is ready to download from Nuget. It includes more than 25 Page APIs such as: Full Page.GoToAsync/ReloadAsync support Emulate/EmulateMedia/SetViewport/SetUserAgent Get and Set cookies SetContent Evaluate javascript functions and expressions WaitFor expressions await page.GoToAsync("http://www.mysite.com"); //Do you need to wait for your javascript... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp Monthly Report - April 2018

March was an exciting Month for Puppeteer Sharp. CI Server is up an running. Version 0.3 was released, implementing IDisposable, many Puppeteer features (such as User dat dir support) and also fixing many process leaks. We also released v.0.3.1, adding .NET Framework support. We are now working on v0.4, which... [Read More]

Puppeteer Sharp Monthly Report - March 2018

Puppeteer Sharp v0.1 released! I’m super excited to announce that the first usable version of Puppeteer Sharp is ready to download from Nuget. The first milestone on the roadmap is completed. What can you do so far? PDF support You can export any page to PDF file. var browser =... [Read More]