I’m super excited to share with you that yesterday I have received the Microsoft MVP Award for the very first time!


I think the timing is perfect. Last year, I prepared a talk called “You can also be a hero”. I was able to give that talk twice: At Age of Mobile in Buenos Aires (big thanks to Esteban and Leo) and vOpen UY (thanks to all the vOpen crew!). This year I will give the English version for the first time at HolyJS, Russia!!! (online 😞) and at the WebConf in Córdoba.

I think it’s all about that. It’s about being little heroes where you are. Did I dream about this award? Yes, sure! But I never worked for the award. I worked for the community, to give back, to be part of this amazing community. I won’t talk more about this, that’s what the hero talk is about 😜.

I want to thank Nico Milcoff for opening this door and guide me through the process, Thank you Nico!

I hope this award opens more doors to keep helping what I consider one of the best communities in the world: The developer’s community.

Don’t stop coding!