Node.js has a pretty cool useful feature which is the ability to listen to an event only once.

Using the eventEmitter.once() method, it is possible to register a listener that is called at most once for a particular event. Once the event is emitted, the listener is unregistered and then called.

const myEmitter = new MyEmitter();
let m = 0;
myEmitter.once('event', () => {
// Prints: 1
// Ignored

In order to implement Once on puppeteer-sharp, we are implementing this boilerplate over and over:

void EventHandler(object sender, ConsoleEventArgs e)
    message = e.Message;
    Page.Console -= EventHandler;

Page.Console += EventHandler;

So, this morning a had this brillant idea about creating an extension method called Once. The implementation was pretty simple:

public static void Once<Z>(this EventHandler<Z> e, Action<object, Z> action) where Z : EventArgs
    void eventListener(object sender, Z args)
        action(sender, args);
        e -= eventListener;

    e += eventListener;

But, when I wanted to use it, for instance, here:

_networkManager.Response.Once((object sender, ResponseCreatedEventArgs e) => responses[e.Response.Url] = e.Response);

I got a:

Error CS0070: The event ‘NetworkManager.Response’ can only appear on the left hand side of += or -= (except when used from within the type ‘NetworkManager’) (CS0070)

Basically, you can’t add extension methods to an event.

I found a few ideas on StackOverflow but they are not the ideal solution. I think it would be great if we could have more flexibility with Events in C#.

What are your thoughts?

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