If you got to this page, and you are not a bot, thank you for taking the time to read about me!

My name is Darío Kondratiuk, and I’m a software developer.

Early days

I may not be able to say that I hacked my Commodore 64 in the 80s, but I can say that I wrote my first lines of C# code back in 2001, when the .NET Framework 1.0 Beta 2 was released.

I worked on enterprise projects for 10+ years. Those were fun days. I started playing with ORMs back in 2004 (Entity Framework wasn’t even in alpha). I started using OJB.NET, then turned into DomainObjects.NET, which was a port of OJB. After a few months using it on many projects, I ended up becoming part of the maintainers team. My most important contributions were implementing the Oracle provider and the composite primary key support. I was also an early adopter of Telerik products. It was super fun playing with Ajax panels a few years before ASP.NET AJAX came to light.

The public web

Joining MultiTracks.com in 2015 was a life changer. I started working as a remote developer, which is no a small change. MultiTracks.com helped me to get into what I call the real public web. I had to learn about how to deal with massive concurrency, hackers, caching, time zones, etc. It was fun contributing to projects which involved internationalization, multi-currency and multi-payment support among many other cool features.

Side projects

I’m passionate about software. I love learning something new every day. I love Node JS for scripting. I had fun creating a bot using Python. I coded a content generator using TensorFlow. And my last project, which I’m super excited about, is Puppeteer-Sharp, a C# port of Google’s puppeteer library.

Final words

Wrapping up, if we meet in the future, the only thing you’ll need to know about me is that I like IPAs.