2018 in numbers

Yesterday I tweeted my 2018 in numbers, and I thought it deserves a post :) The goal of this post is not showing off. It’s to encourage you to do the same, to give back, to help the community that already helped you to become a better developer. The... [Read More]
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How to start an OSS project

An OSS project is very different from a project you work on in your daily job. At first, It’s like being in a fairy tale but, without discipline, your dream project can quickly become [insert a boring movie reference here]. I started the Puppeteer Sharp project in October 2017, and... [Read More]
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Hello World!

What? A new blog? What is it, 2003? Don’t check your calendar, we are in 2018, and I am creating a new blog. Let me tell you why. Give back I decided to become an active member on Stack Overflow back in May, not even a year ago. After a... [Read More]