C# wishlist - Nullable nulls shortcuts

I must admit that I love the way that Javascript evaluates truthy and falsy expressions. if (true) if ({}) if ([]) if (42) if ("foo") if (new Date()) if (-42) if (3.14) if (-3.14) if (Infinity) if (-Infinity) Coming from C# you tend to add > 0 or != '',... [Read More]
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C# wishlist - Internal interfaces

I know that changing how internfaces work in C# would be something hard to accomplish, and its implementation is quite “by the book”. But let me dream for a while and share this idea. When you create an internal interface, what you are saying is that any class implementing that... [Read More]
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C# wishlist - Extension methods for events

Node.js has a pretty cool useful feature which is the ability to listen to an event only once. Using the eventEmitter.once() method, it is possible to register a listener that is called at most once for a particular event. Once the event is emitted, the listener is unregistered and then... [Read More]
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Creating a site for your project using DocFX

A real-time journey Motivation Many tutorials explain how to achieve some task by going through a list of steps. Assuming that you share the same context as the author, and most importantly, assuming you succeed in executing every single step. So I wanted to share with you a real-time(ish) post,... [Read More]
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