Implementing PageSession in ASP.NET Webforms

Maintaining the state of a large page can be quite a challenge. Let’s say you were asked to implement a page with four tabs, each with two GridViews. Each Gridview would be editable and you would have one save button which would execute all database actions. [Read More]
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Implementing a BasePage in your ASP.NET Webforms Project

I started to prepare two posts, one about Page Sessions and the other one about reducing QueryString, ViewState and Session boilerplate. But I realized that both solutions were implemented on a BasePage. So I felt that I first needed to write about the importance of implementing a BasePage in a... [Read More]
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How to start an OSS project

An OSS project is very different from a project you work on in your daily job. At first, It’s like being in a fairy tale but, without discipline, your dream project can quickly become [insert a boring movie reference here]. [Read More]
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How to work with stored procedures and not die trying

What’s wrong with databases? I won’t try to sell you the idea that stored procedures are the best and that everybody needs to throw away all their ORM code and move to the database world. I believe that every team has to choose the best tool that not only helps... [Read More]
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